Update Data into Jiffy Tables


Use this API to update a record in Jiffy Table.

  • API: https://{DOMAIN}/docube/api/jiffytable/path/{AppGroupName}/{AppName}/{TableName}/record
  • Authentication Type: Token- Based Authentication
  • API Type: PUT
  • API Request:

    “UUID”: “{UUID of the record}”,
    “Execution State”: “Completed”,
    “ColumnName”: “Value” }

  • Sample API Body:

    “UUID”: “6137af5d7a768857ce6af0c7”,
    “Execution State”: “Completed”,
    “EmployeeName”: “Peter Smith” }

  • Sample Response:

    “status”: “SUCCESS”,
    “records”: {
    “id”: “6137af5d7a768857ce6af0c7”,
    “record”: {
    “Execution State”: “Completed”,
    “EmployeeName”: “Peter Smith”,
    “UpdatedDate”: 1631039325642,
    “CreatedDate”: 1631039325642,
    “UUID”: “6137af5d7a768857ce6af0c7”,
    “Lock”: “false”,
    “CreatedBy”: “test_user”,
    “UpdatedBy”: “test_user”, },
    “errors”: [],
    “status”: “SUCCESS” } }

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