Release Notes

Release 4.10.11

Release date : Dec 20, 2023


Forms & Presentations:

  • Auto refresh functionality added for presentation pages. Designers can configure the interval for auto refresh, minimum value should 30 seconds.
  • Added a new functionality for displaying a particular column based on the Roles and Execution states, designer can decide these things during the forms design. This allows users to hide/show the data based their roles and state of the records. Currently this feature allows only on the first level table columns, inline table fields can’t be configured like this.
  • SSN column filter has been modified to support data without ‘-‘, users can provide the SSN numbers alone for filter without considering the format.
  • Added a new icon for representing the record being processed, an Hourglass will be there if the record being processed. This avoids the concurrent updating in records.
  • Added a tooltip for the + icon in the grid view of data tables.
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