Release Notes

Release 4.6.2

Release date : Jan 10, 2022


IS EMPTY and IS NOT EMPTY options in Jiffy select node are provisioned to fetch records from Jiffy table. This is applicable to all data types.

The filters are applied on all cards of the drilled down presentation while navigating from one presentation to another. This facility is extended for Narration card and KPI ribbon.

New driver for processing SELECT SQL queries directly from Mongo DB is provisioned for performance improvements.

Indexing is introduced for Jiffy tables for UUID, Updated Date and Created Date columns to process the queries efficiently.

Tasks triggered by Release admin now display Executed by with the right username.

When Business User or Custom role executes the tasks from Presentation now displays Executed by with the right username.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-6178: Table is not displaying in the Presentation.

Few buttons(Start Recording, Copy, Cut, Comment, Uncomment, Debug, Select all) are not accessible in UI node after clicking on Add Action button and alignment issue in Cut button.

‘0’ value is not displayed in result window of Jiffy Select Node after execution.

Known Problems

Unable to trigger Jiffy Task having Rest API node using API.

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