Release Notes

Release 4.9

Release date : Dec 28, 2022

New Features

Ability to set the Date and Time Zone at the User Level

  • A new field is introduced in tenant settings to set the timezone.
  • All users invited from the same tenant will have this as the default user time zone.
  • If any user wants to change the user's time zone, he/she can change it by updating the profile information. Once it is changed, all date fields in the Presentation, Forms, Task execution/design will be reflected according to the new time zone.
  • The issues(JFS-7127, JFS-6905, JFS-6452, JFS-8271, JFS-7980, JFS-7991, JFS-7760) reported on Forms and Presentations due to different time zones have been resolved with this release.

ACL changes

  • Introduced a new role called Read Only with view access on Task design, Task configuration, and Task scheduler pages, JFS-8260, JFS-7672.
  • Only Release admins can access task configuration. The access to edit tasks is removed for Release Admin and Support Users, JFS-7685, JFS-7687, JFS-7687, JFS-7645.
  • Support Users can view the task schedule page, including the run tasks, Scheduled Runs, and Execution history, JFS-7644.
  • Release admin can invite other release admins into that App, JFS-7646.

Configurations Listing Page

Introduced a page to list all Task Configurations.

Monitoring dashboard

  • Users can create dashboards for task monitoring, task failures, and node errors, iteration execution results will appear as logs in Kibana.
  • Users can configure the dashboard for monitoring bot utilization, task execution time, number of iterations of each task, etc.

Ability to show notifications on applications

This feature allows the tenant admin to set the message which shows as a banner when logged into


Introduced three new commands in the Operative one connector node.

Added the Nginx logs into Kibana for monitoring.

Bug Fixes

Logs maintenance: The issue reported on performance degradation due to large amount of Fluentd logs has been fixed, JFS- 8371.

Excel Automation: The issue of the Excel command "Copy Value as a Table" that does not work has been solved, JFS-7867.

Application Installation: The issue reported while running the ansible script execution as td-agent failed during Root installation has been fixed, JFS-7281.

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