Release Notes

Release 4.10

Release date : Feb 14, 2023

New Features

Scheduler Enhancements

  • A customized calendar has been introduced at the tenant level, which enables users to define business days and holidays as per their requirements.
  • The created calendar can be utilized by users to schedule tasks, ensuring that the task execution takes place only on business days, and holidays are skipped.
  • Calendar settings can be used for Polling task scheduling as well.
  • With the latest release, issues (JFS-7127, JFS-6905, JFS-6452, JFS-8271, JFS-7980, JFS-7991, JFS-7760) that were reported on Forms and Presentations due to different time zones have been resolved.

App summary start/stop

  • Introduced a new feature for starting and stopping jobs in an App. The option is available in more options of an App on the App summary page.
  • This feature is useful for restarting polling tasks and other scheduled tasks after upgrades or downtime.
  • Two modes are available for stopping jobs: Graceful and Immediate. Graceful mode allows the current job to complete before stopping, while Immediate mode stops the job immediately. JFS-6581

Bot Installation Enhancements

Added tenant license id in the email invite.


Rename of an App and App category name with Alias is allowed, JFS-6702, JFS-7981, JFS-4392.

The accuracy of the model for extracting the W2 documents has been improved.

The UID value added in Email action node output.

Functionality for search has been added in pseudonym management page.

The “jpipe logs”, “jiffy_service_manager” logs are added into Kibana.

The export UX has improved to control the multiple export request for same App and it will show the export progress to users while they waiting for the zip file.

Bug Fixes

Bot management: Issue reported on utang failure causes Jiffy bot down has been fixed, JFS-7118.


  1. The issue reported on Email Configuration, where the Username/Password field was getting reset after Export/Import, has been resolved, JFS-7640.
  2. The issue reported on Secure Vault entries imported with an App, which were unable to utilize CyberArk functionality, has been fixed, JFS-7686.
  3. The issue reported after importing some nodes/mappings, where they were missing in 3.x to 4.x export/import, has been resolved JFS-7858.
  4. The issue reported with Dataset Nodes properties changing when tasks were exported/imported from one app to another, has been fixed, JFS-8084.
  5. The issue reported in import/export scripts (such as generating incomplete tasks in the target system, JFS-7862.
  6. The issue reported in 3.x to 4.x export/import, where the script used to convert database nodes to dataset nodes was missing in Jiffy Server, has been fixed, JFS-7486.
  7. The issue reported on 3.x to 4.x export/import, where the SAP control type label was not working as expected, has been resolved, JFS-8131.

UX issues:

  1. The issue with variable names not being completely visible under the variable dropdown in the Actions Tab has been resolved, JFS 7641.
  2. The issue with the "Auto approve" button in document tables showing 'OFF' when it is actually 'On' has been fixed, JFS-7342, JFS-5937, JFS-6470
  3. The issue reported on the inability to assign 'Single space' to a variable in the UI/Function node has been resolved, JFS-7680.
  4. The issue with the image of the App and its description being replaced in the case of custom import has been fixed, JFS-4412.

UI nodes:

  1. The reported issue of the SAP node's screenshot functionality not turning off has been resolved, JFS-7897.
  2. The issue reported with Excel automation, where date format data was not extracting properly, has been resolved, JFS-7210.
  3. The reported issue of accidentally removing the set screen action and the resulting unavailability of steps under the actions tab has been resolved, JFS-7514

Data node:

  1. The issue reported with the dataset query node failing to fetch data from a particular node due to special characters in the table name has been resolved, JFS-8040.
  2. The reported issue of the dataset Insert Update node removing backslashes from the data during insertion has been fixed, JFS-7404.


  1. The reported issue of data table filters being case sensitive has been resolved, JFS-7327.
  2. The issue reported on the count showing an incorrect value in the KPI ribbon while applying filters has been resolved, JFS-6579.

Predefined Function: The reported issue with the predefined function "Viacom - 'download attachment from jiffy table row' function not working" has been resolved, JFS-7081

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