Release Notes

Release 4.4.1

Release date : Jun 23, 2021

New Features

Document Table Revamp

Refined existing Document table with all standard table functionality including filter, sort, pagination, reorder, resize, and display of desired fields on the Presentation.


The attachments with file extensions (PPT, PPTX, EDI, HTML, HTM, RAZOR) are included for the attachment field to be uploaded on the forms.

Bug Fixes

Upload of image/attachment as a custom user is possible now.

Fixed the edit filter card option on Presentation.

After export-import of an App, tasks are going to invalid state when triggered from presentation is fixed.

The Numeric Type field accepts negative values.

Interaction across multiple tables is working fine now.

Filters/Interaction getting removed after editing a record in presentation is fixed.

Page redirects to blank page when the Business user clicks on edit record from presentation view is fixed.

Dashboard user permissions not working in presentation caused due to records exceeding 500 is fixed.

Known Problems

The presentation has filter issues if the records are exceeding 500.

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