Release Notes

Release 4.0

Release date : Jul 16, 2020

New Features

UI/UX Changes

Jiffy RPA has been rebranded to by introducing new features along with a complete revamp of UX and UI.

About is an advanced robotic process automation (RPA) web-based solution with integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Analytics, and cognitive automation capabilities with Human-in-the-loop (HITL). Docube, JDI Studio, JDI, Document processing, JAM, UI Learn, and Jiffy RPA are Integrated to form a single product called for better usability. Read More..

Multitenancy Architecture

A new concept of multitenancy architecture has been introduced in which every tenant is provided with a dedicated share of the instances which includes data, configuration, user management, tenant individual functionality, and non-functional properties. Read More..

Administrators has two types of administrators:

  • Root Admin: The Root Admin is a role that gets created in the application during the installation of the jiffy tool and can log in to the application with the defined credentials.
  • Tenant Admin: The Tenant Admin is a role that is created by the Root Admin.
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There are four Pre-defined roles are created in for performing various kinds of activities based on the assigned roles. Apart from these, Custom Roles can be created based on the requirement. Read More..

Apps and App Categories

A new concept of Apps and App Categories has been introduced.
An App is a complete process that can be automated under a defined App category to achieve a target action.
App Categories are the logical segregation of the Apps. Read More..

Cognitive Nodes

A new set of nodes called Cognitive nodes has been introduced. Cognitive nodes are used for advanced data processing, like dataset refresh, trigger spark program, execute ML codes in a workspace, upload CSV, upload fileset etc. Read More..

Document Processing

ML-based Document processing is Introduced to capture the data accurately with less human intervention. The XML template-based document processing has been deprecated. Built-In solutions for Invoice processing has been Introduced. Read More..


A new concept of Forms has been Introduced. Forms allow users to add and edit data in the tables (Jiffy Tables or Doc Tables) and view data that already exists. Forms provide row-level and column level restrictions to the data depending on the user roles. Read More..

Bots and Bot Manager

Bots are software applications to perform some tasks. The Jiffy Bot Manager is used to manage the developer bot in a machine. Read more about Bot Manager here.

There are two types of Bots in

Data Nodes

In Data Nodes, the following new nodes are added:

  • Dataset: To get the data from the CSV file set using a specific query and store the data during task execution.
  • Jiffy Select: To get the data from the Jiffy Table based on different conditions selected.
  • Jiffy Insert/Update: To insert or update the data in the Jiffy Table.
  • Delete Row: To delete a row in the Jiffy table.
  • Unlock Row: To unlock a row in a Jiffy table.
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Jiffy Table and Doc table

  • Jiffy Table: Jiffy Tables are used to store the data that gets inserted from Jiffy Task. Read More..

  • Doc Table: The data from the PDF having different data types are extracted into a Doc table which is then used for the further execution of the task. Read More..

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