Release Notes

Release 4.2.3

Release date : May 12, 2021

New Features

Length of username on Login page

The length of the username on the login page has been increased to 255 characters.

Blank option in the drop-down field

Facility to deselect the value that has already been selected for the dropdown fields in the forms and presentation.

Auto-refresh on the presentation

Modifications performed by the user on the forms and traversing back to the presentation, the presentation gets refreshed to display the recent data.

Username to be case insensitive

The username on the login page must accept the value irrespective of any case except for incorrect spelling.

Button Settings Changes

The task associated and the execution state fields for the inline table has been removed. Only two mandatory buttons SAVE and CANCEL will be available with renaming capability having the actions SAVE&EXIT and EXIT. The SAVE&EXIT functionality is to save the changes and close the window. There will be no facility to add more buttons.

Inline table record deletion

A facility to delete the inline table records from the forms has been provisioned.

Control of Add, Delete, Duplicate, Edit buttons of inner tables on form

Provision to enable/disable the add, delete, duplicate, and edit buttons of the inline table as per the business requirement. Based on the enablement, buttons will be available for the usage.

Update option for Non extracting fields in the document tables

An option has been provided for updating the non-extracting fields in document table with NEW_TYPE status. Using insert/update node or related predefined function, user can update the fields which is not extracted from documents.


Refinement of the existing form with its existing features with new look and feel.

Using the ‘Show More’ button on the inline table, the table must get expanded in the same view port (same screen) with a scroll bar and does not shift to new window

The final save of the form happens at the main (parent) table level after any modifications at both main and inner table levels i.e., the permanent save of the changes performed at the inline table level will happen only when the main table form is saved.

A facility to view the inline table by providing the view link in the form. The details will be opened in the popup. Any further click on the "view" for an inline-record within this popup would simply replace the same popup.

The list and no. of attachments details will be displayed for the inline table on the form that is downloadable and viewable.

The validations to be performed is at the same level (i.e., at the parent level or at the inline table level and not using columns from both parent and inline tables)

Date picker has been made easy to use and allow to change months or years quickly along with the time entry.

Migration of the Jiffy table has been handled in GCP cloud server

Bug Fixes

Alignment issues for the drop-down fields has been handled.

The issue with import/export of Doc table has been fixed.

Import/export of a presentation when its embedded dataset is deleted has been handled.

Known Problems

Closing the Inline table add window and navigating back to the parent table form, then:

  • no highlight or no focus on the row of the inline table will be provisioned.
  • All the sort orders will be lost, and will go back to default sort.
  • Column adjustments: resizing performed by the users will be lost.
  • If the attachment is zoomed or navigated to any of the pages in the attachment, these states will not be retained.
  • In case any attachment of the parent table level is opened and navigating to any other level and then navigating back to the parent table level by cancelling, the attachment is in closed state.
  • Inline table record deletion confirmation window is not available
  • In IE browser, clicking on image/attachment opens a blank page.

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