Release Notes

Release 4.7

Release date : May 10, 2022

New Features

Next and Previous Buttons in Forms

  • Two new buttons are introduced in the Forms for next/previous record navigation. The navigation is based on the last modified date.
  • The next/previous button saves the current data before navigating to the next record. The buttons are available in inline Forms.
  • This feature is only available in Jiffy Tables.

Show/hide Option to View Inline Table Data

  • Introduced show/hide option in inline table view, users can choose which fields they want to display on the Forms.

Predefined function for line-item match

Two new Document Functions are introduced to process and match the data in two different tables.

  1. Process Line Item Catalog: Process given catalog CSV file, upload results to file server and search engine(elastic/custom).
  2. Line Item Match: Get matching results from catalog data for a given line item table.

Added More Columns into Bill of Lading Predefined Schema

  • Added few more columns in Bill of lading predefined schema the new columns are Quantity, Weight, Class, NMFC code, and H M Type.
  • These columns are part of the Inline Table.

Copy option for Table Definition and UI component

In Design Canvas, copy option is introduced for the Table Definition and UI components.

SAML Only authentication

  • Added a new toggle button for SAML only authentication on Tenant Admin settings page.
  • Admin will have an option to enforce SAML only authentication.

Predefined Function for Joining the PDFs in a Folder and to Return FID of the Merged PDF

OCR converted documents are split into multiple files and stored in JFS folder.
Join PDF and Get FID function to join the PDF files in the folder and return FID of the merged PDF.


Upgraded packages for major software.

  • Postgres (DB server version 14.2.1)
  • Mongo (4.2.19 version)
  • .Net Framework (4.8 version)
  • Python (3.10.3 version)
  • Spring Boot (2.6.4 version)
  • Vault ( 1.10.0 version)
  • Nginx ( 1.20.2 version)
  • RabbitMQ (3.9.14 version)
  • Drill ( 1.19.0 version)
  • Redis (6.2.6 version)
  • ZooKeeper ( 3.7.0 version)
  • Kubernetes ( 1.21 version)

The python package are upgraded to 3.7.9 to 3.10.3.

  1. If custom python packages are used, make sure those packages are compatible with the Python 3.10.3 version. By default, during the upgrade, the Jiffy client installer will attempt to install the existing custom packages to the upgraded Python. If there are any compatibility issues, install the custom packages separately.
  2. In case of a breaking change (changes that will make the existing code fail) from a package, modify the function code as per the guidelines in the documentation from that specific package. Usually, packages will highlight these changes in their release notes/documentation.

Auto-populate feature added in numeric and select type fields.

Multiple quality checks including Static and Dynamic Code Analysis, Container vulnerability Scans, Artifact Scans, Internal/external VAPT, etc. are conducted.

Introduced last modified date as sorting order in UI controls table.

Added Month, day, and year filters in Presentation.

Error message in Email Sender node is corrected when outgoing protocol and outgoing server details are not provided.

The response of launch and close functions execution in server mode is changed.

The error message is modified in Doc reader node on OCR engine license expiry.

The error screenshot feature is extended in SAP support RDP/VDI executions as well.

Introduced the feature for cleanup schema history for reducing the issues in export and import.

Search functionality in Forms changed to case insensitive.

The time taken to load Node’s UI action tab ( more than 400 lines in a node) is reduced from 60 seconds to 5 seconds.

Changed the log file writing to Appender instead of writing directly into fluentD.

Added Before filter option in date type fields on Presentation screen.

Dataset listing page is modified by adding Allias name.

Removed copy and rename options from Doc table.

Introduced a popup window for confirmation in SAML authentication enabling screen.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-5655: Issue with Desktop Automation failing with an error as "Element not found".

JFS-5862: Doc reader node is failing while executing Tasks with multiple iterations.

JFS-5180, JFS-4227, JFS-5110, JFS-6967, JFS-4791, JFS-4241, JFS-5978 : Multiple extraction issues related to different PDFs.

JFS-5423: Sometimes, Excel is not closing with Close excel command.

JFS-5720: The issue of Copy-paste feature of nodes, pasting multiple copies.

JFS-5775: Validation error message is shown in insert/update node if a wrong value is inserted in the datatype field.

JFS-5819: The issue with some attachment files extension shows the wrong value in the Email Browser node.

JFS-6061: UI Component/UI Event failing with error NoneType object has no attribute lower.

JFS-5499: Error message in password reset page when failed to reset password.

JFS-6014: Auto-populate feature is not working for columns with the same name in the different inline-table.

Between filter is not working for Datetime type column in Pie chart and Treemap Presentation.

Removed the rename option from Doc table

JFS-6220: The add button issue in add DB configuration to the App screen.

Filter applied to Date-time type column and results are not matched in Pie chart, Donut, and Tree-Map Presentation.

JFS-4750: Spelling mistake in Twilio node Create Channel function.

JFS-6497, JFS-5355, JFS-5686: Data Extraction fails if PDFs contain Arabic words.

JFS-6587: Password reset link is not received to user due to case-sensitive Email id.

JFS-7001: Apparent vulnerabilities within Jiffy 4.x in Apache Drill

JFS-6965: Trim, Replace, and Null functions in Dataset node are not working.

JFS-6913: Unable to save Forms due to "Invalid Numeric Format" error.

Known Problems

The list variable created in custom/predefined function output tab is converted to text variable.

The infosec posture for the 4.7.0 release was conducted as on date May 5, 2022.
Vulnerabilities identified or disclosed after this date will be addressed in a subsequent release based on their criticality.

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