Release Notes

Release 4.4.2

Release date : Jul 16, 2021

Bug Fixes

Filter issues in Presentation due to records exceeding 500 are fixed.

Only the date part from the datetime field can be extracted.

Download of the files from the read-only fields of attachments/images are fixed.

The issue with the Presentation going blank when loaded is fixed.

Republishing the SQL dataset with any modifications of queries is working now.

The issue of Web UI node not getting executed due to Invalid URL validation is fixed.

Various Date filters like On or before, On or after, not, Extract Month, Extract Year, Extract Day, Is empty, Is not empty, Within working for the datasets like SQL dataset available for usage in the Presentation.

Task going to Invalid status when trigged by a Business User or Custom User accounts has been fixed.

Toggle and Image fields not working while migrating older tables due to which addition of a new column of toggle/image types was not possible which got fixed.

Failure of image/checkbox extraction for some specific PDF issue is fixed.

Column line identification issue in multipage PDF table (when column heading is present only once) is fixed.

Known Problems

Import/Export working incorrectly when one App has been imported under another App Category of same instance.

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