Release Notes

Release 4.10.9

Release date : Sep 14, 2023


Predefined functions: New functions added for download files from SFTP and Get file details from SFTP folder.

Introduced a new software for Bot uninstall.

Changed the Bot, jpipe client logs, jiffy system manager logs into RDP time zone.

UI/UX: Added a new user intuitive message if tenant URL is wrong in the developer bot installer.

Email nodes: Added token-based authentication for MS365 Graph protocol in email node configuration.

Bug Fixes

Import/Export: The issue reported the task being triggered even the App is imported into different App category has been fixed, JFS- 9912.

Email nodes: The issue reported email browser node failed to read some specific emails has been fixed, JFS- 9915.

Bot management: The issue reported as certain Python files are missing after the Bot upgrade has been fixed, JFS- 9374.

Presentation & Forms:

  1. The issue with KPI ribbons not working as expected when expressions added has been fixed JFS- 7800.
  2. The issue with forms settings screen became blank after adding a new variable in the custom function used for validation has been fixed, JFS-5436.
  3. The issue with forms sorting is not working as expected has been fixed, JFS-7531.
  4. The issue reported as presentation screen shows blank screen after adding a new column in Document table grid view has been fixed, JFS-7630.
  5. The issue reported as the email received time shown in data table is different due to wrong time zone taken has been fixed JFS-6458.

UI Automation:

  1. The issue reported on the value of UUID column is always getting string “UUID” inside Iterate block has been fixed, JFS-6372.
  2. The issue reported on mainframe automation while using “End” or “ALT + End” has been fixed, JFS-9143.

Dataset nodes: The issue reported as failed execute some bulk processing queries in dataset node has been fixed JFS- 9303.

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