Release Notes

Release 4.10.6

Release date : Jul 28, 2023

Bug Fixes


  • The issue reported on Custom logo is getting replaced in login page has been fixed JFS-9694.
  • The issue reported on an extra popup for confirmation is appearing when clicks on Save button in forms has been fixed, JFS-9776.
  • The issue of the text in password rest screen is not proper for existing users has been fixed, JFS-9144.

UI Automation:

  • The issue reported in chrome automation randomly not opening the proper webpage has been fixed, JFS-8804.
  • The issue reported failed to initiate desktop familiarisation from web ui node has been fixed, JFS-9334.
  • The issue reported as Bot is opening a new Chrome Standalone window instead of continuing in the same Chrome session has been fixed JFS-9247.

Import/Export: The issue reported the task being triggered even the App in stopped status has been fixed, JFS-9560.

Email nodes: The issue reported as failed to configure certain email server has been fixed JFS-9868.

Task Execution: The issue reported as task execution failed with error message Duplicate value violates unique constraint" has fixed JFS-8249.

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