Release Notes

Release 4.2.5

Release date : May 13, 2021

New Features

Embedded Table Revamp

Refinement of the existing embedded table with all standard table functionality including filter, sort, pagination, reorder, resize and display of desired fields on the presentation.

LDAP Integration (Jiffy and LDAP Authentication)

A feature that allows both JIFFY and LDAP logins for the same tenant. Tenants configured with LDAP should allow the users to login with JIFFY credentials as well.

Document processing table extraction using the table lines

  • Table extraction accuracy improved by changing the extraction logic using table lines. ML predicts the structure of the tables and identifies the table lines, along with column headings table lines also will be considered for the table extraction.
  • During the document training/approving user will get provision to enable/disable table lines (row line/column line). This feature will be at all documents in NEW_TYPE.

Document processing performance improvements

  • Doc reader supports 300 iterations parallelly, users can execute the 300 iterations in a single task.
  • Extraction and prediction time per page reduced to 1s, previously it takes 4s.

New model for Bill of Lading category prediction

In Document processing build schema BOL category prediction improved with new model. This feature will not support migration of previously created BOL schema.

Bulk processing for Dataset node

Dataset node which had only row wise processing is enhanced to perform bulk processing and return the output to a data table.

File upload restriction

All the files uploaded to the JFS upload API, will be validated for the file extension. Files apart from this list will not be uploaded. List of valid extensions are: JPG, CSV, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, YML, YAML, PARQUET, JSON, XML, EML, MSG, TXT, ZIP


The form opens and adjusts to the screen either in full or small screen based on the number of fields.

The size of the logo was adjusted accordingly as per the requirement.

While importing a task, the dataset node will have the query with only the table name and not the complete path of the table name along with the App name and App group name.

The following nodes are not used and hence removed from design canvas: Unit Testing, Kafka Producer, Mobile, ML Workspace, SOAP.

Time interval of Auto save of task is made configurable through APP settings.

Password criteria made more stringent with certain policy and procedure.

Bug Fixes

Filter in presentation was getting cleared after saving the record which has been fixed.

Known Problems

Iterations are failing during PDF migration.

Table values are coming blank in PDF form post migration.

When the presentation is opened after the renaming of the dataset that is used in the presentation, technical error message is getting displayed that must be corrected.

Newly added dataset columns are not getting displayed in the existing/new presentation.

IE browser issues

  • The UI of the view popup of attachments, images and view option of the inline tables is not proper, and values are not visible clearly.
  • In the embedded table, there is no space between the filter and sorting icons in each column.

Embedded Table revamp

  • On the embedded table of the presentation, the user should not be able to fix more than 4 columns by Left/Right of the table.
  • While using the SHOW/HIDE IN DEFAULT VIEW option on the embedded table of the presentation, the heading and the close button is getting overlapped when the popup is maximized and then minimized.
  • Using the view option of the inline table on the embedded table of the presentation, the alignment of the multiline column data is not proper.

Email browser Node

There is a limitation of browsing beyond 10 folders/subfolders. The search is possible only for the first ten folders/subfolders.

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