Release Notes

Release 4.6.5

Release date : Mar 8, 2022

New Features

List Variables Supports Appending Data

  • User can leave the list variable index blank, and it allows to append data in list type variables.
  • Users can append data into list-type variable inside While, Iterate on UI actions. Unlike previous versions, users do not need to provide constant value in the index.
  • Users can pass list data type variables as input into custom functions and predefined functions.


The model for extracting the SSN number from the W2 document is improved for extracting the XXX-XX-1234 format data.

The model for document split and document type is improved.

Migration script is modified to support database nodes to dataset node migrations.

Bug Fixes

The following issue is addressed and fixed:

JFS-6669: The Input tab was showing blank after dataset node execution.

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