Release Notes

Release 4.8.6

Release date : Nov 14, 2022

Bug Fixes

Predefined functions: The issue with the predefined function Get Execution ID failed to return the data while running in Server mode has been fixed, JFS-7175.

Document processing:
Date field issues that were not retrievable in some PDF documents have been resolved, JFS-8082.

Dataset node:
Intermittent inconsistencies in the select query output have been addressed, JFS-7821.

Form settings:
The issue of Set as default attachment cannot be disabled for all attachments has been solved, JFS-8102.

The issue with the presentation page becomes blank when applying certain specific filters has been resolved, JFS-7990.

Secure vault: The issue with the secure vault token is not renewed periodically and the expiration has been fixed.

UI Automation:
The issue of switching Desktop UI during Web automation has been fixed, JFS-8180.

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