Release Notes

Release 4.6.4

Release date : Feb 14, 2022

New Features

Dataset Insert/Update Node for Supporting Bulk insert/update/delete

Newly added Dataset Insert/Update node for inserting/updating and deleting data from Jiffy table using query. Users can write complex queries for insert/update/delete operations.

Set of Predefined functions for File Transfer Protocol

New set of predefined functions is added for FTP operations such uploading, downloading, and deleting from the FTP server.
Upload File to FTP and the function upload files from Jiffy fileserver/ local file path into remote directory path in the FTP server.
Download file from FTP function download from remote directory path in the FTP server and file is uploaded into Jiffy fileserver and the output is FID.
Delete file from FTP function delete files from remote directory path in the FTP server.


Introduced predefined function Update multiple attachments of the row for uploading multiple attachments in jiffy table.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-4527: ‘IN’ operator was not working in Jiffy select node.

JFS-6047: Unable to delete inline table row and was displaying an error message.

JFS-6363: The issue with jiffy forms taking longer time to load when inline table contains a large number of records.

The regression reported on some presentation data showing blank, as the contents were updated with properties of different file types.

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