Release Notes

Release 4.1

Release date : Oct 29, 2020

New Features

Import/Export Feature

The feature enables the user to export and import the App from one App group to another and from one Server instance to another. Read More..

CyberArk Integration

An option to integrate CyberArk with Jiffy 4.0 has been introduced. The user could choose to save the secure/sensitive data between CyberArk or HashiCorp Vault. While adding the object to the CyberArk key, the system will validate whether the key is present in the store or not. Read More..

Flow nodes

The bundled Component in Jiffy 3.x has been brought back as Flow nodes in Jiffy 4.0. All the existing features of Bundled Components are available to support the backward compatibility. The flow node will be deprecated in future releases. It is recommended to use the Task node instead of Flow node.

Command line installation

Command-line installer provides the options to do the command line installation of the BOT. The bot installation offers three possibilities: Designer, Executor, and Complete installation. Executor mode is recommended for the installation of unattended bots which does not have the recording facility.

Jiffy Diagnostic Tool Update

The messages in JDT are updated to indicate the new installation options.

Index provision for List Variables

The usage of list variables has been improved in Jiffy 4.0 release to get the values from the list based on an index. All the existing list variables will be provided with the default index of Zero to maintain the compatibility.

Migration from 3.x to 4.x

The scripts to migrate the tasks from the Jiffy 3.x version to Jiffy 4.1 version is now available to simplify the migration process. The user can migrate the existing tasks to any new App of his/her choice.

  • As PDF functionality is majorly revamped in Jiffy 4.x version, only the node’s placeholder will be available. The user needs to work on the complete migration manually.
  • The JDI and Studio as different applications are decommissioned in Jiffy 4.x. Any migration of JDI to Jiffy forms needs to be performed manually.

Relative reference of Label values

A capability for the user to provide additional input for identifying the label uniquely and extracting the data i.e., the first occurrence of the label or from the last occurrence of the label or related to another column.

Context Variables in the Presentations

A facility to display the records in the table based on the current logged in user.

Auto-populate Select field

A feature to fill out the values of the fields in a form based on the lookup table columns. To have the fields auto-populated rather than typing.

Presentation – Refresh on Open

The presentation data to be displayed will be the latest changes performed upon opening it. While the presentation is getting opened, a loader is provided to indicate that it is getting loaded.

Functions to manipulate PDF files

A facility to have PDF split and based on text (2 PDF have the same invoice number) can be combined using predefined functions.

Update the installation changes according to the installation split

A facility to have download options for the only client and diagnostic options and the installation of the downloaded software should work without any errors.

Pseudonym management

Capability to add new keywords into pseudonym management and can verify that it improves the prediction of inline fields. Also, the user will be able to edit and delete keywords in the table.


"Add Scroll Link" functionality is added in the Web-table automation to capture the dynamic row data loaded on the scroll of the tables.

On changing passwords, the user’s current sessions will be invalidated, and the user will be redirected to the login page.

Bot Manager UI on the Client is has been upgraded to match closely with the Product UI style.

Disable and clean up Intercom from all the Screens.

Improved User experience on the Task design screen by moving the mapping screen like the property dialog. Mapping dialog opens on a single click on the connector.

Added below pre-defined functions to the existing suite.

  • Raise Error: To raise an error and interrupt the execution in between any UI automation steps.
  • Close Current Window: To close the parent windows attached to the current tab.
  • Close Browser: To close all the windows of the browser.
  • Refresh Webpage: Refreshes the current web page.

Search functionality implemented on the execution history page.

Support for Desktop and Surface automation on Windows Server 2019.

Connection between Server and Bot supports HTTP1/Web-socket based interaction.

Error messages improvement across the application.

PDF file read with OCR will be stored in File set and the reference returned can be used in the next node resulting in reduced usage of OCR engine.

Ablilty to minimize the UILearn dialog during the learning of the elements for better visibility of the application.

Error is thrown immediately in the same window if an App with the same name already exists.

Bug Fixes

JFS-2518: JIFFY reading the formatted date as “###” in Excel node. Now the date will be read properly.

JFS-3201: Wait for data was not working in Email node.

JFS-3188: In the UI automation steps, if the internal ID of pre-defined and user defined functions are same, then the usage of those functions were creating problems.

JFS-2852,2857,2984, 2986: Actions performed on the elements inside in the i-Frame were failing.

Stability issues around polling task when used in conjunction with Email node having wait for data value of 24 hours.

UI improvements to Filter Card (of Presentation) style.

GetText option was not working in SAP node.

The SQL dataset query will contain only the dataset name and will not have the complete path along with the exported App and App group name.

App having a presentation with KPI is going blank and import is failing

Known Problems

While learning clicks on the “Add Scroll Link” button and click on the scroll bar, then the entire container/table is highlighted as the scroll bar is integral part of the table.

For the root user settings are not working from the Server Settings page.

For setting the Mongo DB password, ‘@’ and ‘:’ are not allowed

The data table definitions present inside the Flow nodes are not considered during the execution of the task.

Export/Import of the Flow node is not available in current release.

Import/Export Feature

  • Secure Vault keys are overwritten with values from the exported App.
  • For the PDF data, the associated data is not being imported.
  • No restore mechanism if the dataset migration fails.
  • Backup facility to be provided while exporting/importing

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