Release Notes

Release 4.5

Release date : Sep 11, 2021

New Features

Display Product Version

Displays the version of the Product on all the pages of application.

Removal of Unused Icons on SQL Editor

Link, Join, Dataset Schema, and Datasheet Schedule options are removed on SQL Editor.

Navigate from one Dashboard to Another

Ability to navigate to one or more Presentations from a specific grid row in the current Presentation.

Migration from Docker to Kubernetes Containers

All the existing docker containers on the Cognitive server has been migrated to Kubernetes. Also, the functionator module on the core server has been moved to Kubernetes.

Table Revamp - Jiffy Table and Document Table

Refinement of the existing Jiffy Table and Document table in the Dataset page with functionalities including filter, sort, pagination, reorder, resize, etc.

Execution of Functions on Server

Few functions are enhanced to run on server as against the current behavior where all the functions run on client.

Enhancement of Action Tab UI

Indentations are corrected to enhance the usability and visibility of the Actions and Variable in the Action tab.

Removal of Five-Level Limitation for IF/Loop Condition

The limitation of allowing only five levels of IF/Loop conditions in UI nodes is removed.

Accept Jiffy File ID in Doc Reader Node

Doc reader accepts File Server ID as the input and executes in server. Users can avoid bot machines completely.

Performance Improvement for Support around 300 Documents in Five Minutes

Engine changes for supporting around 300 documents in five minutes. This achieved by moving all ML models and algorithms into Kubernetes components.

Doc reader Node Process documents with more than 1000 Pages

The New version of Doc reader node is introduced, that can process and extract data from documents having more than 1000 pages.

Predefined Function to Split W2 Documents Based on Image Processing

The predefined function W2 Split identifies the W2 samples on each page and split them across the PDF.

Predefined Function to Copy Files from DocubeFS to Jiffy File Server

The predefined function Copy file from DocubeFS to JFS copies the files from the Docube file server to Jiffy server to enable processing the files on server.

Predefined Function to Delete Files from Jiffy File Server

The predefined function Delete records from Jiffy File server deletes the files Jiffy file server.

Data Cleansing in Extracted Table Data Using UI

This feature supports data cleansing of table data in document tables. Unlike Field level for table data, the data cleansing rules are applied at the column level. For all the documents that come under the same category, the extraction logic will be applied.

Extract Data in Area Instead of Location

The option to select the required area by dragging the square edges is provided to extract the selected text area.

Audit Log

Audit log provides the insight into the activities that are performed on the system and provides the options to monitor and evaluate later to understand any data breach.


JFS-5135: Presentation filters and filter card is improvised to have the date pickers for dates and the between filter for numbers to provide range values.

JFS-4736: The license page has been facilitated to have an expiry date to be displayed indicating the date of expiration.

The email invite to the user during user creation displays the details of the Username which helps the user for log in.

The limit to download the records for both the Jiffy Table and the Document Table on the Presentation is set to 1000.

JFS-5099: The logo on the login page is updated to the latest Jiffy logo.

The text of the filter in the presentation has been made to be more meaningful.

The options Edit and Add of Jiffy Table records are disabled when the Presentation is in edit mode.

Provided confirmation window while deleting the Dataset or Presentation from its respective listing page.

The error message "Process exited with Error" is corrected to display the actual error why the execution failed.

Previously, when a record is deleted from a JiffyTable and Document Table, the corresponding attachments were not getting deleted. New API deletes all the related files from JFS and DocubeFS.

Bug Fixes

Republish of the SQL dataset in case of modifying the query is handled.

When the filter “not in” been selected in the presentation with no values provided under the search window, the blank page was getting displayed which is fixed now.

JFS-5268: The issue with the import/export of an Hyperapp is addressed.

JFS-4580: The issue of using Jiffy Select node with OR condition along with the Update Column was fetching all the rows available in the database and updates the selected column is fixed.

JFS-5027: The clarity in the document preview on Jiffy table form getting blurred after zooming, is addressed.

JFS-4432: The task getting triggered twice upon double-clicking on a button of a form is addressed.

When 500 records are added to the form table, the page going blank is fixed.

JFS-5302: Email browser failing with errors: Using the Email browser node, during download of an attachment name having special characters that are not allowed by windows, the node fails with an error. As a solution, the special characters that are not allowed in windows are replaced by an underscore(_).

JFS-5389: The Email Browser node was stuck in In Progress state for a long time is rectified.

JFS-5120: Facilitated capturing of the errored screenshots when the user uses a dynamic script.

JFS-4908: In Rest API node, while authenticating the configuration, username length had a restriction of 60 characters. Now it increased to 255 characters.

JFS-4407: In PDF processing, after clearing the ML detected value is not getting saved in the document table.

JFS-5009: After deleting one vendor category, it was getting attached to another category (a different one) and it is now coming as a New category.

JFS-5058: For a few multipage documents, correct data in the document table was not extracting as expected and it is fixed.

JFS-4839: Added space for the functions Convert Image PDF to Text PDF and Get Document OCR Confidence.

Known Problems

The documents are getting failed to extract data if it is pre-processed using handwritten node.

The base documents are not getting opened in migrated apps, if it is approved in older versions.

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