Release Notes

Release 4.6

Release date : Nov 26, 2021

New Features

SAML Authentication

A feature that allows both JIFFY and SAML logins for the same tenant. Tenants configured with SAML Authentication can be used to enable web browser single sign-on (SSO). This allows the user to authenticate only once and gain access to separately secured systems without resubmitting credentials.

Execution History: Run Details Revamp

The Run details page is enhanced for better task design and result visibility. The past Run details of the task can be viewed by clicking on that specific run from the drop-down.

Log Maintenance and Data Purging

All the logs stored in the system are maintained in Kibana. The default log level information of the individual components is changed to intuitive error messages. Logs will be purged at regular intervals.

Table revamp UI Control Listing page

Search functionality is facilitated along with UX improvements in the UI controls listing page under the Attributes pane of Design Studio.

Function to Launch External Application

Predefined function to launch and close the external application has been provisioned using the ‘EXE’ path of the application as the parameter.

Reduce CyberArk Hash values

Facility for some of the components to interact with CyberArk via sentry, to avoid entering hash values when restarting the application.

API: Token-Based Authentication

Tenant Admin can generate API token for authenticating an application accessing the API without referencing an actual user.

Define Tenant Admin Default Role

  • Capability for the Tenant Admin to be assigned with default role defined by Root Admin at the time of Tenant creation.
  • The implicit Designer behavior of Tenant Admin is removed.
  • The default role will be applicable for all the apps under that tenant.

Disablement of Intercom and Pendo Script

  • Pendo enablement and disablement are provided in the property file which is instance specific. The Pendo scripts will not be loaded into the application when Pendo is disabled.
  • Intercom facility is removed completely from the product.

Upgrades of Packages

The list of packages used and to be tracked for upgrade to latest version for the Hashicorp is provisioned.

Inline Edit of Inline Table Records on the Form

Facility to edit records in the Inline table from the Jiffy Table Presentation.

Inline Table Record Deletion

Facility to delete the inline table records through task designs.

User consent -- PII Details

  • The Tenant Admin/User onboarding PII details are captured and stored in the system with the consent from the user. Following are the details captured:
    • Username
    • Date & Time
    • IP address of email
  • If a user is de-boarded, the corresponding user details are deleted from the system.

Table revamp for Task listing page

Refinement of the existing Task Listing page with search functionality included tp search the required task.

Bot Resilience: Features

Capability for the bot not to get disconnected from the server in case of network issues or any other system failure

Option for Password not Mandatory During Bot Configuration

The Execution Bots can be created without Password. An option to create Execution bots with or without password is facilitated under the Root Admin Server Settings.

Bulk movement of Lines in UI-Actions (Cut and Paste)

  • Facility to cut and paste multiple lines of actions to the desired location as per the requirement under the Actions tab for the UI nodes. This capability is also extended for the looping structures (While/If/Iterate).
  • Provision to select multiple lines together using the shift key and clicking on the checkboxes.

Root admin: LDAP facility

The Root Admin is provisioned to have facility of LDAP enabled. As part of bootstrapping, the Root Admin can choose either LDAP or Jiffy authentication.

Monitoring and Alerting

  • Facility to monitor and provide alert messages from Kibana in case of task failure.
  • The details of Task ID, Task Name, Task Status, and Failure reason are captured and written into the Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK) logs.

Alias Name for Tables and its Columns

Facility to have display name for the tables and its columns in the form and the Presentation view so that the table name in Presentation can be changed instead of changing the underlying actual table name.

Introduced Retrain Feature in Document Training Screen

  • Now users can extract additional fields, add data cleansing rules, change labels for a field, enable/disable toggles in table extraction, and more with minimal clicks.
  • For getting the retrain option, change the document status into "MANUAL_INTERVERNTION_VALIDATION_FAILED" and make required changes.
  • RETRAIN button is clicked to inactivate the old category and to create new category.

Functions Supporting FID as Input

New functions are created for supporting FID as input. The functions are Combine PDFs, DOCX to PDF, Excel to PDF, Extract pages, Find number of pages, split PDF to pages.

Integrated Deep learning OCR engine for converting OCR PDFs

  • Two functions for converting OCR PDF to digital PDF using Deep learning OCR engine are created. This is not out of the box feature in a standard installation.
  • OCR Function will convert image/OCR PDF into JSON using Deep learning OCR engine and function Convert JSON to PDF function converts JSON to digital PDF.

Predefined Functions for Splitting PDFs

  • Document Type Split and Document Instance Split functions are provided to split PDFs.
  • Document Type Split function classifies the type of PDFs and then splits the PDFs by each type. Types of documents ML model can identify are Invoices, BOL, PO and Debit.
  • Document Instance Split can be used for splitting the PDFs of same type, for example, PDF contains multiple invoices.


JFS-4907: A confirmation message is displayed while deleting the cluster if used in several tasks.

JFS-5452: Secure Vault key (Google Drive private key) can be accessed in Google drive functions

Maximum value set for Ulimit is 16384.

Automation of Edge browser in Jiffy application is supported.

The underscore and the number are not added to the variable if copying the existing variable.

Latest records are displayed first in the Presentation.

Chrome Deprecated is renamed to Chrome Standalone and it is the default Chrome option in the Configuration.

The designer settings in the filter cards are retained while drilling down to another presentation.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-5624: Username and Email address do not support the special characters "a-zA-Z0-9_-.@!$&'=^+~" and "a-zA-Z0-9!#$%&'=?^_+-`{|}~" respectively.

JFS-5398: In case of usage of special characters other than for ‘_’ and ‘-’ in the Jiffy table column names, error message does not display.

JFS-5346: SAP Automation do not capture error screenshot while using expressions in the task design.

JFS-4861: Export/Import of an App having SQL Dataset with subquery using any Jiffy Table is not importing properly.

JFS-5716: The attachments in the Jiffy forms is not opening as expected.

JFS-5720: Copy and Paste feature in the Actions tab of the UI nodes does not make multiple copies.

JFS-5676: Filters used on the same jiffy table in different cards on the Presentation do not filter based on the filter conditions defined in the respective card.

JFS-5795: The short-time sessions are not closing properly due to memory issues, after the execution is completed .

JFS-6099: Error in Doc Node while converting PDF to JSON.

VAPT User Permission fix: User restrictions does not allow data access based on the role.

JFS-5145: "Failed to get element details. Session may not be active" error while recording using Mainframe node.

JFS-5769: Connection error while executing update query in Jiffy Select node

Known Problems

Release Admin has access to the Design Studio for accessing the Configurations page.

Monitoring and error message is not displaying in case of the scheduled task not completing its execution.

The current version of Document Type Split and Document Instance Split functions support only server execution and not client execution.

Error occurs while exporting an App from any App group when the dataset is renamed in that App. Rename of the dataset to be avoided instead Alias name feature can be used.

Tasks triggered by Release admin displays Executed by as Service user2.

When Business user or custom role executes the tasks from Presentation displays Executed by as Service user2.

Bot login fails in case of the tenant-name and the tenant-subdomain are not same.

Query API executed using Old query engine is failing as it is expecting additional parameter of complete App path. It is recommended to use the New Query API that is executed using New Query Engine.

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