Excel To PDF using FID


Use this function to convert an Excel document to PDF whose FID is given as input.


Excel To PDF using FID (fid)


Input Parameter Name Description
fid File Server ID of the Excel


Return Value Description
Path Path of the output PDF


Excel To PDF using FID (ab067542-d7cf-4881)

  • Converts the Excel document with FID ab067542-d7cf-4881 to a PDF.
    Returns C:\Users\jiffy\76625e988dd.pdf, the path where the output PDF is stored.

  • The path and the name of the output files are automatically assigned by the function.
  • If a print area is set in the excel using Set Print Area option, only those selected cells will be extracted in the output PDF.

Make sure you have Microsoft Office installed in your system before using this function.

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