Set Calculated Fields


Calculated fields allow you to use Functions where actions are performed with two or more fields in the Form and display the result in a single field.

Calculated field uses the custom functions defined in the system and the values are populated based on the custom function selected.

Concatenates the First Name and Last Name of the employee and displays in the Full Name field.

Sum of the line items Amount from the Item Description table is displayed in the Total Invoice Amount field.

Prerequisite: Create user defined function with Type as Calculated fields.

  1. Click the Image description icon against the field where the function to be applied.
  2. Click the ADD NEW button to add a new calculation.
  3. Select the user defined function for calculated field from the drop-down.
  4. The columns of the Jiffy Table get displayed as parameters. The number of parameter placeholders is same as that of the number of parameters in the Function selected. Select parameters from the drop-down.

    The parameters can be from main table or inline table. For calculated values, only the first level inline table is considered.

  5. Click the SAVE button.

Image description

Ensure that the parameters selected are of the correct data type as expected by the user defined function.

The field transforms based on the user defined function and selected parameters. You can view the result in Forms and Presentations, for the applied field.

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