The following functions can be used for General operations:

Functions Description
Create Jiffy URL Creates Jiffy URL from path
Delay in Seconds Gives delay in seconds
Upload to JIFFY Server Uploads a file to the Jiffy File Server
Download from Server Downloads a file from the Jiffy File Server
Get Form URL Generates the URL of the Form so that it can be viewed from mobile
Send Email Sends an email using the tenant email settings
Take Screenshot Takes screenshot of the currently active screen
Get Presentation URL Generates the URL of the Presentation with filters applied
Delete Records from Jiffy File Server Deletes file from Jiffy File Server by taking the File ID as the input
Copy File from DocubeFS to JFS Copy files from Docube file server to Jiffy File server and returns JFS File ID
Upload file to FTP Uploads file to FTP server
Download file from FTP Download files from FTP server
Delete file from FTP Deletes file from FTP server
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