Tasks - FAQs

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


  1. I ran a task by clicking on Image description icon in Design Studio.
    Later I clicked the Image description icon and selected the Execute in Cluster option.
    What is the difference in execution?

    When you click the Image description icon in Design Studio, the task executes on the Developer Bot. When you select the Execute in Cluster option, the task executes on the Execution Bot of the configured Cluster.

  2. Is it possible to stop a task with a polling node in Design mode?
    No, you cannot stop a task with a polling node that was executed from Design Mode.

  3. When using a subtask, where can I see the results for each loop?
    You cannot see the results for each loop. You can see the Results Of Execution of the complete run.

  4. How do I prevent the task from running on a weekend?
    Select the type of Schedule as Weekly, select only Monday to Friday for the days of the week when you want the task to run.

  5. If I change the cluster after the task is scheduled, will the runs reflect the new cluster?
    Yes, the new cluster is reflected in the next run of the task when the task has not run.
    Once the task has started running, the cluster cannot be changed.

  6. How do I set up quarterly schedules?
    Currently, quarterly schedules are not supported.
    Instead, you can select a Monthly schedule and control the months to execute the task in the task flow.

  7. How do I handle the scheduling when I do not know when the request comes in?
    You can handle this by scheduling the task to run repeatedly, for example with with an interval of 3 hours, depending on the frequency in which the request comes in. You could also use a Polling Node.

  8. Can I set a schedule at the node level?
    No, scheduling is at the task level.

  9. When I have 2 Bots and both are busy executing the tasks, what if I have a scheduled task to be executed on the same Bot at the same time?
    The scheduler will wait for the current execution to complete.

  10. I am scheduling a Task. I get the error message Failed to schedule the tasks: Invalid schedule criteria, Please provide valid criteria Why?
    This error is shown when you select a time in the past. Select a time in the future and schedule the task.

  11. I do not see the task in the Execution History page after executing the task. Why?
    Ensure that you have run the task from the Run Tasks page. Tasks run from the Design Studio will not be displayed in the Execution History page.

  12. How do I identify the tasks that have run under a particular bulk run?
    You can refer to the Batch Run Tag in the Execution History page for all the tasks selected in the Bulk Run. They will have the same Batch Run Tag.

  13. I scheduled a task. After the scheduled date how do I check the status and analyze if there was any failure?
    The Execution History and Run Details page help you to identify the task execution status, reason of failure if any, correct the failure, and rerun the task. To know more about Execution History, click here.

  14. Can I copy Nodes from different Apps?
    No. But you can import the task into current App and copy Nodes from that Task into current Task.

  15. While executing a scheduled task, the Status of a scheduled task in Task Execution history is shown as INVALID. Where can I know the reason for this? Image description
    To find the reason for invalidity:

    1. Click the Run ID of the task in Execution History page.
    2. Hover on the INVALID status to see the reason displayed in the tooltip, as shown in the following image. Image description
  16. Is it possible to copy the Web UI Node from one task to another?
    Nodes can be copied from one task to another, within the same App only. If the task is in a different App then you can Export and Import the task.

  17. How to add comments for a node to depict the node’s functioning/purpose?

    1. Give the Node name to show the purpose, as in the following screenshot.
      Image description
    2. Under Properties, enter Description to the Node. This is shown only on hover.
      Image description

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