Local Variables

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Local variables are variables created and used within the node for assigning values and using them within the node itself.

To make them available outside the current node, mark them as output variables and map them to the suceeding node.

Create Local Variables

Local Variables are created in the Actions tab of the nodes.

The color of the V icon indicates if the value is a constant or variable. Click on the V icon to switch between the two.

  • Constant: If the background of the V icon is white in color Image description, it is a constant. Type in the constant value in the text box.
  • Variable: If the background of the V icon is green in color Image description, it is a variable.

To create a local variable:

  1. Click the drop-down in the variables field and click the + New Variable option.
  2. Type a name for the variable in the field. Image description
  3. Select type as Text, List or Table in the drop-down as required.
  4. If Type selected is Table, then select Table Definition. Image description
  5. Click the ADD button.
  6. The variable is created and listed as Local Variable in the variable drop-down and also listed under Local Variables option in Variables tab.

How Variables are used

The variables created can be used in the Actions pane of the respective node.

All types of variables, Input in red font, Local in black font and Secure in blue font are listed in the drop-down as shown below: Image description

Click on the variable’s field and select the required variable from the drop-down. You can select Input, Local or Secure Key as required in the automation step.

Output variable

By default, the Local variables are assigned as Output variables and are available in subsequent nodes. Image description

This variable can then be mapped to the subsequent node. The mapped variable gets listed as Input Variable in the subsequent node with default type as Text, which can be changed as required. Image description

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