The following functions can be used for User Interface(UI) operations:

Functions Description
Get Last Downloaded File Gets last downloaded file path on the system
Get Text with Position Gets text of the length equal to the input value from the row and column position of the field
Get Text with Element Gets text from the screen with the help of relative element, the position and the length
Input Text with Element Input the text into an unprotected field with help of relative element and position
Send Keys Send Keys to the given Window/Application
Send Characters Sends the given string as individual characters to the input field
Update Element Wait Timeout Updates the timeout value (in seconds) to wait for the element to be available in the Web Automation screens
Update Delay of Input Characters Updates the delay (in seconds) between keying in the input characters to a Web application field
Get Execution ID Returns the run ID of the task
Switch to Java Application Switches the current web application to Java application launched from the Web application
Switch Current Application Switches the current application to the input application
Navigate to URL Navigates to the given URL
Handle Alert popup Accepts or declines the alert pop up
Close Current Tab Closes the current focused tab
Raise Error Raises error with given message
Switch Tab in the Browser (Dep.) Switches the focus of automation to the tab/window in the given position
Switch or Launch Web App Switches the focus of automation to another, if already launched. Otherwise, this function can launch the tab/window using the input URL.
Close Current Window Closes the current focused browser window
Close Browser windows Close all the open browser windows
Refresh Webpage Reloads the current webpage
Send Text to TextArea (CM) Sends text to the CodeMirror text area
Launch Application Launches the specified application in local machine
Close Application Closes the specified application in local machine
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