Share App with User


The Users and Roles page displays the details of all the Users in the App like Username, Full Name, Email, Roles, and Status. After you create an App, you can share the App with other users.

When a user logs in, the user will not have access to the App, unless the App is shared with the user.

Share App with User

  1. Click the Image description icon on the left-hand side menu bar.
  2. Click the Image description icon.
  3. In the Share with Users window, all Users of the tenant are displayed. Click the checkbox against the Users you want to share the App with, select the roles to be assigned to the User in the Roles drop-down. Image description

    Multiple roles can be assigned to a User.

  4. Click the ADD USER(S) button. Image description The list of Users added gets displayed in the Users listing screen of that App.
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