You have a provision for data cleasing during familiarization of the document. You can extract part or specific data from the fields in the document, and define conditions to transform the extracted data.

  1. Click the Image description icon against the selected value field.
  2. Click the ADD NEW button to add new condition. Data Cleansing window appears for the selected field, for example, Data Cleansing: Invoice Number.
  3. Click the Add data cleansing rules button and select the condition from the drop-down.
  4. Enter the parameter in the Inputs field based on the data cleansing rule.
  5. Click the PREVIEW button to view the data after applying the condition.
  6. Click the SAVE button.

Image description

You can add multiple conditions for one field, it will be applied one after another. The output of the first condition will be input for the second condition.

The extraction logic applies to all the documents of same category and the conditions added are displayed in Base Document.

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To know more about the various conditions for Data Cleansing rule, click here.

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