Add CSV Dataset

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Add CSV Dataset

  1. Click the + icon on the Datasets page and select the CSV Dataset option.
  2. Choose the CSV file from Windows Explorer and click the Open button. Image description
  3. A popup window appears as below. Click the OK button to view the CSV Dataset contents. Image description

Add Description for CSV Dataset

You can add description for the Dataset and for each column of the Dataset.

  1. In the CSV Datasets page, click the Image description icon and select the Description option. Image description
  2. To add description for the dataset, provide a short note on the purpose of the dataset and click the Save button. Image description
  3. To add description for each column in the dataset, select the Column Description tab.
  4. Give an intuitive description for each column and click the Save button. Image description

Autodetect Schema

This option automatically identifies the data type of the column based on the data within the column and displays them as suggestions in a panel on the right.

Image description

You can choose to continue with the suggestions or edit the schema.

Image description

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