Using this feature, you can automatically populate field values in the form. This helps the user to quickly fill the form.

In the Flight Search Form, the list of International Airports is automatically populated in the Origin and Destination fields, so that the user easily chooses the values from the list.

You can set Auto-population for fields by selecting the lookup table and the key column for the lookup table.

  1. Click the Auto-populateImage description icon. The following screen appears. Image description
  2. Select the lookup table from the drop-down.
  3. Select the Key Column of the lookup table. Image description
  4. Select the Column from Order by Column drop-down.
  5. Set the Order by Type to either Ascending or Descending.

Auto-Population with Dependent Fields

We also have the feature of auto-populating a field based on the dependent field in the form.
Using conditions, you can auto-populate values in a field by passing the form variables of the dependent field.

To populate only the States within the country that is selected in the Country field of the form, you can add specific conditions.

  1. Click the Add Conditions button.

    Set the condition as Country = Address.Country.
    Here Address is the inline table of Customer Details table.Image description

  2. Click the + icon to add more conditions.
  3. To limit the number of rows in the field, set the value for Limit rows by.

    If Limit rows by is set to 5, then only 5 States will be populated in the State field.

  4. To order the auto-populate by a particular column in the table, select the column as Order by Column and Order by Type as either Ascending or Descending.

    If Order by Column is set to Country and Order by Type is set to Ascending, then the values populated in the State field will be ordered by Country in Ascending order.

  5. To permit the user to input the value, select the Allow user to input value option.
  6. To pre-fill the first record of the auto-populated field, select the Fill the first record by default option.

    Auto-population for inline-table columns works the same way as parent table columns.

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