Random Number


Random Number node is used to generate random number between the specified minimum and maximum value.

Properties of Random Number Node

  1. Navigate to Properties and enter Name and Description.
  2. Enter the Minimum Value and Maximum Value to choose the random number from. Image description

Result of Execution in Random Number Node

After executing the task, the Result of Execution window displays the following tabs:

  • Input: The Minimum Value and Maximum Value set in the Properties are displayed.
  • Output: Execution status and the random number generated is displayed.
  • Run Info: The information of the run such as Run ID, Sequence Number, Iteration ID, Iteration Start Time, Iteration End Time, Iteration Time(in seconds), and Total Node Execution Time(in seconds) are displayed.

Image description

The Random Number generated is stored in the Variable random_number, that can be mapped to the succeeding nodes. Image description

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