Jiffy Authentication


Login Procedure

To login for the first time, the Tenant Admin clicks the Accept Invitation button in the email invite.

Upon accepting the invitation, the user can select either Jiffy Authentication, or LDAP Authentication or SAML Authentication .

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Jiffy Authentication

  1. Select the Jiffy Authentication option and click the NEXT button.
  2. In the Setup Password screen, type the required password in the Enter Password text box, considering the validations shown on the screen. Image description
  3. Re-type the password in the Confirm Password text box to confirm.
  4. Click the SAVE button to save the password.
  5. In the Password setup is complete! dialog that appears, click the OKAY button. Image description
  6. Type the username and the password in the Login to Get Started screen that appears.

    In this case, there will be no entry of LDAP settings to be shown under the Applications Settings screen of the Tenant Admin.

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