Production Server


Software Requirements

Operating System

The following OS versions are supported:

  • CentOS 7.x
  • RHEL 7.9

Hardware Requirements

Core Server Specifications

Type Requirements
Processor 16 Core Processor
Hard Disk Space 250 GB of free disk space for hosting the application files, logs, and folders.
  • Root access is required for Jiffy installation.
  • Provided with internet or repository access, all the required yum packages will be installed via the script.
  • Ulimits update(Please add the following lines to your /etc/security/limits.conf file and reboot your machine).
    • soft nofile 16384
    • hard nofile 16384
  • Access to the Email server is required for the Email password resets and user signup Emails.
  • Ports to be opened as per the architecture requirements.
  • Network connectivity to the other Jiffy servers should be enabled. (Same LAN).
  • All communication between instances will be secured and can be via domain names only.
  • SSL Certificates should be provided for these domains. Wild card domain certificate required for Core server.
  • 8GB swap space is recommended.

Supported Data

The following table displays the performance of Jiffy when the Core server is configured with recommended hardware requirements.

Category Description Count
Bots Number of Bots 100
Users Number of concurrent users 20
  • Number of tasks executed in parallel
  • Number of Iterations per task
  • Number of nodes executed per second in a task
  • 150
  • 10
  • 5
Document Processing
  • PDF processing time per page (considering 10 fields for capturing data)
  • Number of PDFs processed in Parallel
  • 2 mins
  • 1
  • Number of apps under active use
  • Number of presentations under active use
  • 35
  • 70
  • Number of charts/cards
  • Number of embedded tables
  • 5 per presentation
  • 1 per presentation
Jiffy/Doc tables Number of Jiffy/Doc tables per App 7

Database Server Specifications

Type Requirements
Processor 8 cores
Hard Disk Space 250 GB of free disk space.
  • Postgres 12.5 database is supported.
  • MongoDB 4.0.19 is supported.
  • DBA access is required
  • Network connectivity to the core Jiffy server through port 443 should be enabled.

Storage Capacity Forecast

Jiffy application requires two database schemas: Jiffy, GUS (Grand Unifying System provides identity and access management for the Jiffy platform which allows the components to communicate securely).

  • DB growth: 75 GB per month (approximately)
  • File system storage growth: 75 GB per month (approximately)

In addition to the specified hard disk space, additional disk space is required based on the growth.

Supported Data

Category Description Count
Jiffy/Document tables
  • Number of Jiffy/Document tables
  • Number of rows per table
  • 250
  • 150
PDF documents
  • Number of documents
  • Number of pages per document
  • 30000
  • 2
  • Number of tasks executed per month (considering 5 tasks per document)
  • UI nodes on an average per task
  • Screenshots per node
  • 2
  • 1
  • 5

Kubernetes Resource Specifications

Type Requirements
Processor 12 cores
Hard Disk Space 500 GB disk space
  • Ports to be opened as per the architecture requirements
  • Network connectivity to the Jiffy core server through port 443 should be enabled

The Kubernetes resource specifications may finally depend on the containers used and the volume processing requirements. It may increase or decrease based on the number of containers which are required by the process and the volume of processing required.

Open Source Libraries

View the Open Source Libraries used in here.

Third-Party Software License Terms

View the Third-Party Software License Terms here.

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