Data Nodes - FAQs

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


  1. What happens if UUID is not mapped to Delete Row node? An error message is displayed “UUID not found”.
  2. In Database and Jiffy Select node, what is maximum value for row limit? What is the recommended value? 100 is the default row limit. Usually, with more than 250 rows the performance decreases. Relook at the automation requirement and design to keep the row limit within 100.
  3. I’m getting the error com.option3.jiffy.service.a.l Detailed Message: The index 5 is out of range when running a stored procedure in DB node. This error occurs when the given stored procedure does not exist the the database. Specify the exact name of stored procedure.
  4. I have records in the table, yet I am encountering No Row Returned error, while executing select * from <tablename> query. In the “Columns in result set (space separated)” field of the Operations tab, specify the columns names to be extracted.
  5. I encounter “The column name and column name in the datatable was not found in this ResultSet.” error while executing a Select Query for Bulk Processing?
    This error occurs when the name of columns of datatable does not match with the columns specified in the select query.
  6. Is there any way to write multiple queries in single Dataset node?
    You can write complex queries with JOIN, UNION, INTERSECT, etc. which can involve multiple input datasets.
  7. I need to select the data from Document Table and then use it in Excel node, can I use Jiffy Select node to select the data?
    Yes, Jiffy Select Node can be used to select the data from Jiffy Table or Document Table.
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