Configuration of Nodes

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2021


Details for the connection are specified in the Configuration tab of the node. When moving from development environment to production environment , it enables you to change at one place. You can change the settings in Configurations instead of changing the actual task

  1. In the Configurations tab, you can select any Existing Configuration if it matches your requirement.
  2. Click New Configuration button to create a new configuration. Specify the following details as applicable:
    • Configuration Name: Name of the configuration . 
    • Run on: Select either one of the options Jiffy server or Cluster.
      • Jiffy Server: When a direct interaction is possible between the Jiffy Server and the Database server. 
      • Cluster: When a direct interaction is not possible between the Jiffy server and the Database server. Connection is through the clusters.
    • Cluster: The Cluster to run the node. Provide the cluster name if you have selected Run on Cluster.
  3. Click the Image description, Image description and Image description icons displayed against each configuration to edit, copy, or delete the existing configuration.
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