How are Jiffy Tables Used in Task


Jiffy Tables are used to store data that is populated by automation tasks. The stored data is referenced/manipulated in the later stages of the automation process.

The following Nodes/Functions are used in Tasks to perform various actions with the data in Jiffy Table.

  • Jiffy Select node to get the data from the Jiffy Table based on different conditions selected.
  • Jiffy Insert/Update node is used to insert or update the data in Jiffy Tables.
  • Jiffy Table Functions to perform various actions on the data in the table.
  • Unlock Row to unlock a row in the Jiffy Table for the UUID passed to the node.
  • Delete Row to delete a row in the Jiffy table for the UUID passed to the node.

Consider a Master Data Automation HyperApp, where the vendor data is received in an email. The bot is expected to read the email, download the attachment, insert data to a Jiffy Table, check if the data exists in the Master Table, if not create an entry, and send a response email to the requestor.

  1. Use the Email Browser node to read the email and download the attachment.
  2. Use the Excel node to extract the data from the excel, and trigger function Insert Bulk data into Jiffy table to insert data into Jiffy Table.
  3. Use the Jiffy Select node to retrieve the data from Jiffy Table and check if it exists in Master Table.
  4. Use the Jiffy Insert/Update node to insert the data into Master Table.
  5. Use the Email Sender node to send an email confirmation to requestor with the required data.
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