Authorization to Trigger APIs


There are two ways to provide authorization from external applications to trigger APIs.

  1. Basic Authorization
  2. Token-Based Authorization

Basic Authorization

  1. Enter the Jiffy Login credentials in the Authorization--> Basic Auth field. Image description
  2. Enter tenantId in the Headers field. Image description

    To get the tenant id, use:{url of the tenant}/ gus/api/jls/tenantInfo/subdomain/{tenant name}. returns {"status":true,"token":"","error":null,"data":{"tenantId":2,"isExpired":false}} and tenantId value is 2.

Token-Based Authorization

  1. In the Headers, enter Authorization in the Key field.
  2. Enter the API token in the value field.
    Use the format Token {API Token} for example, Token 0290656a-533a-4ec6-97b3-5b7a6d2d5cxx Image description

Access for API is based on the default role assigned to the Tenant Admin.

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