Jiffy Bot Upgrade


Client Version Upgrade in Execution Bots

An Image description icon is provided against each bot next to the value of the Version number under the Version column of the Bots console. It gets enabled if the version of the client and server is not matching.  Click the Image description icon against the bot to be upgraded. The client version gets upgraded.

The Bot must be stopped before upgrading the latest version. After the completion of the client version upgrade, the client machine is restarted.

Client Upgrade in Development Bots

  1. Search for Jiffy Bot Manager App and click on it. Right click the Bot Manager in the toolbar and click the Check for updates. Image description
  2. Click the Update button to download the app.
    Image description
  3. Once the download is completed, provide the admin credentials.
  4. Start the installation by clicking on the Next button.
    Image description
  5. Select the Complete option and click the Install button.
    Image description
  6. Reboot the machine to complete the installation.
    Image description
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