Trigger Tasks


In automation workflows, human interventions are needed frequently. You can design human actions and trigger tasks based the on the actions using Button settings.

Button Settings

By default, four buttons PREVIOUS, NEXT, Cancel and Save are provided with actions Save, Save, Exit, Save and Exit, respectively. You can add more buttons as required by the automation flow.

  1. Enter the Button Name and select the Action of the Buttons.

    For Approval flow, add button Approve with action Save and Exit.

  2. In the State field, all the execution states you have added in the table are listed. Select the State from the drop-down that is to be updated, on clicking the button.
  3. In the Task Associated field, all the tasks you have created in the App are listed. Select the Task from the drop-down that is to be triggered, on clicking the button.

Inline Tables are displayed below the main table with Button Name and Action fields.

In Employee Salary Administration HyperApp, the Supervisor sends an increment recommendation to the Approver. Approver either approves or rejects the increment.

  • When the Approver clicks the Approve button, the Task to update the increment in Employee’s payroll record is triggered and State is updated to Approved.
  • When the Approver clicks the Reject button, the Task to send an email stating “Sorry! The recommendation is beyond expectation.” is triggered and State is updated to Rejected.

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When the Approver opens the form, the following screen is displayed.
Tasks are triggered and State of the record is updated based on the Approve/Reject button clicked.

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Tasks triggered from Forms require cluster assigned in the node configuration.

Jiffy Forms on Mobile

This feature allows Business Users to access the Forms on mobile. You can send an email with the URL, clicking on which the user can open the form in mobile and take the necessary actions. The associated task is triggered based on the action taken.

If a Travel Request requires Manager Approval, the URL can be sent to the Manager and he/she can open the form in mobile and click the Approve button. The associated task to send email to Requestor will be triggered.

The URL is created by using predefined function Get Form URL function.

The URL is valid for one week.

  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome and Safari
  • Supported devices: Android, iOS, and Tab/iPad

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Trigger Task Prerequisites

  • Design of the task should ensure that the record is locked so that another task does not access it simultaneously and the lock is released before the completion of the task.
    • You can select and lock rows in the Jiffy Select node. If the row is locked, it is non-editable. Resultant rows are not accessible by any other tasks.
    • The selected data is used in the succeeding steps of the Task Associated.
    • To unlock the selected rows, use the Unlock Row node as the last node in the task.
  • UUID parameter must be defined for the task.
    • Define UUID in the Start node of the Task which must be triggered. The UUID relates the record in the Form to the Task.
    • The UUID from the Start node is passed to the next node.
    • Use the Jiffy Select node to get the required columns for the UUID passed.

A form can have a maximum of four buttons in the main table and two buttons for the inline table.

You can change the name of the default buttons Cancel and Save if required.

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