Field Properties


When a user opens the form, the fields to be displayed on the form and the access to the data fields should be restricted as per the role.

In a Purchase Order HyperApp, when an Approver opens the form, he should only view PO Date, Description, and Amount and not be able to edit them. When the Requestor opens the form, he should be able to both view and edit PO Date, Description, and Amount.

Field Settings

Define Fields to be Displayed in the Form

By default, both predefined and user-defined columns of the table are listed.

You can choose to retain the fields to display in the forms and remove the others.

At any later point of time, you can add the removed fields.

  1. Click the + icon to add fields to the form.
    Select the Add Fields option. Image description
    Lists all the columns in the table (fields added in the form are checked and others are unchecked):

  2. Select the columns and click the Add button. Image description

To know more about Add Sections option, click here.

Ordering the Fields

Drag and drop the drag handleImage descriptionicon to change the sequential order of the fields. Image description

Field Level Restrictions

To provide field level restrictions, use the following options. Click the SettingsImage descriptionicon.

Image description

Option Purpose
Mark as mandatory The field values are mandatory
Allow View The field values are non-editable
Allow Edit The field values are editable
Make this attachment default To make the attachment visible by default in the Jiffy Table Presentation

Mark Mandatory option only available for user-defined columns of the table.

Inline Table Restrictions

You can enable or disable

  • Add, delete, duplicate, and edit records of Inline table from the Jiffy Table Presentation.
  • Edit Inline table from the Jiffy Table Presentation
  • Show or hide columns from the Jiffy Table Presentation

Image description

  1. Click the SettingsImage descriptionicon beside the inline table.
  2. Enable the Enable inline edit option if you want to edit the inline table from the Jiffy Table Presentation.
  3. Click the Control Settings button. The Controls popup appears.
    1. Toggle the desired(add, delete, duplicate, and edit) options ON, to enable them.
    2. Toggle the desired options OFF, to disable them. Image description
  4. Click the Show/Hide columns on table button. Choose the columns to be displayed in the Jiffy Table Presentation in the exact order. Image description

    • If all options in Control Settings are enabled, while the user edits the record in Jiffy Table Presentation, the options to Add a record, Edit Image description, Duplicate Image description, and Delete Image description are available for each record in the Inline table. Image description
    • If the Enable inline edit option is enabled, user can directly edit the fields in the inline table of the Jiffy Table Presentation. Image description
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