Start Core Application Server


Perform the following steps to start the application.

  1. Reboot DB Server.
    1. postgres: starts automatically
    2. Mongo DB: Need to start manually from jiffyapp-usr

      mongod -f $MOUNTPOINT/mongo/conf/mongo.conf

      ,in which $MOUNTPOINT is the filesystem path where Mongo DB is installed, for example, /opt

      Make sure Mongo DB is up and running before starting the application.
      Otherwise, you may get the error as “Unable to fetch the license detail” after logging in to Jiffy.

  2. Start Core Application Server.
  3. Start the bot.
  4. Start the polling.

1. Start NGINX Service

Log in to the core server and run the following command as a Root User to start the NGINX.

  • systemctl start jiffy-nginx.service
  • systemctl restart jiffy-nginx.service

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2. Start rabitmq

Server reboot brings Rabbitmq process up automatically.
If Status=failed, you need to start the process manually.

systemctl start rabbitmq-server

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3. Start td-agent

  • sudo /etc/init.d/td-agent start
  • sudo /etc/init.d/td-agent start

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Start Application Level Services

Jiffy core services, such as stop/start Applications must be performed from jiffyapp-usr

Switch the user to app Linux user and run the following commands as app user to start the Jiffy Application.

Start Application

  1. Run the following command to start the Application.

    application start all

    To enter the Masterkey, you can run the history | grep -i passphrase command or type the command export and press the pg up button to get the latest passphrase.

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  2. Run the following command to check whether all the services have started:

    application status

  3. Image description

Vault Unseal During Restart

Run the following commands as app user(jiffyapp-usr) whenever there is an application restart to start the vault services.

Vault process will not come up automatically after core server reboot.

To bring up the process manually, run the following command from jiffyapp-usr.

$ application start vault

Image description To bring up the process manually, check the vault status from jiffyapp-usr. Image description
If sealed= True: Application not using proper vault keys to start the vault process.
You can check the vault keys generated during installation/renew and use it manually by running the following commands.

  • vault operator unseal {unseal key 1 which was generated during the initialization}

  • vault operator unseal {unseal key 2 which was generated during the initialization}

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  • cd $JIFFY_HOME/.vault.d/

    $JIFFY_HOME: Environment variable which contains Jiffy installation filesystem path.

    This path can be varied from one to another customer server.

    Check Vault Status:
    Run the following commands to check the Vault Running Status.

    ps -ef | grep vault

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