Datasets - FAQs

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


  1. Is there any limit to the number of Inline tables?
    No, there is no limit.
  2. Is there any limit to the number of nested Inline tables?
    Yes, the limit is four.
  3. Can I manually add data into SQL or CSV Datasets?
  4. What is the limit of the data rows in Jiffy table?
    There is no limit to number of rows in Jiffy Table.
    Jiffy tables are used to store transactional data, but with more than 1 million rows performance will be impacted.
    For a high volume of data, SQL Datasets are recommended.
  5. I created a Jiffy Table PurchaseOrder in the Product HyperApp. I am now designing a task in Inventory HyperApp. I am not able to select the Jiffy Table PurchaseOrder in the Select Node.
    Datasets are stored at the HyperApp levels. You cannot access a table created in one HyperApp outside of it, in another HyperApp.
  6. Is there a limit of lines for multiline datatype?
  7. Is there a limit of characters for singleline datatype?
  8. Can I migrate an Inline table?
  9. Can I derive the columns from inline table, for example, can I get duration of flights from the arrival and depart time?
    Yes, you can use Predefined functions and User Defined functions to derive and manipulate the data from Inline tables. To know more about Functions, click here.
  10. Can I bring the data from external databases to Jiffy?
    Yes, using DB Configuration. To know more about DB Configuration, click here.
  11. Why do I get the error Alias field must contain characters [(a-z), (A-Z), (0-9), _] while editing the schema?
    There should not be any space in the name of the column.
  12. I have an Order CSV Dataset. In the Edit Schema option, I clicked the Image description icon to perform operations on the OrderId column and I clicked the + button to add an expression. A list of functions is displayed. I could not find the same functions when I select the OrderDescription column.
    The functions are listed depending on the data type of the column. The functions for a String column and a Numeric column are different.
  13. How can I get the records on the top of the display to analyze the data?
    You can click the Image description icon against each column and sort the data in Ascending or Descending order to change the display of records as per your requirement.
    You could also use the Filter By Value option to further narrow down the display. To know more, click here.
  14. After extracting the data from a document, I clicked the Image description icon to correct some fields. All the fields are non-editable in the familiarization window.
    If the status is MANUAL_INTERVENTION_FOR_REVIEW, the fields are non-editable. You would have clicked the Manual Review button to skip the document from training the ML.
  15. I am unable to toggle the Auto Populate to ON.
    If the Document table is created using New Schema, you cannot apply Auto Processing. You will get an error message “Selected schema does not have a machine learning model associated with it. Add a Machine learning model to enable autoapproval.”
  16. Are Forms applied for document table?
  17. How to fetch columns of an inline table in a SQL query?
    Refer to the following sample query to fetch the columns of an inline table. Image description

  18. I have a JiffyTable with data populated. Price column of the table is of Singleline and the data is in the format of 0,000.00, for example, 2,461.00. Can I convert the type of this column to Numeric?
    To transform the datatype of an existing column that is populated, use SQL datasets. Create a SQL dataset based on the Jiffy Table and perform data transformation for the required column. For example, to convert 0,000.00 to numeric, first remove comma(,) from the column and then convert it to double.
  19. How to delete a record from Jiffy table during automation?
    You can delete a record from Jiffy Table using Delete Row Node.
  20. How can we update Jiffy Table based on multiple conditions?
    Jiffy Table can be updated based on multiple conditions by using Jiffy Select node to select records based on desired conditions.
    1. Iterate on Node’s output and pass UUID to Jiffy Insert/Update Node to update
    2. Select Bulk data, map the output table and use pre-defined function Update data to Jiffy table to update.
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