Customize Axis


An axis shows data points that lie within a range of values. For each axis, you can specify the range, scale, and many other properties.

Click the Image description icon to change the Axis Properties. Image description

  • Scale
  • Ticks
  • Label Offset
  • Stroke Color
  • Stroke Opacity
  • Font Color
  • Tick Text Angel
  • Custom Sort
  • Sort Series


You can change the scale of the axis to Automatic, Linear, Ordinal or Log types.

Image description


You can enable ticks to show the lines in x-axis and y-axis. Image description

Label Offset

You can change the Labels position in the Chart.

In the below example, y-axis Label SalesAmount offset position has been reduced to 1, so it appears closer to the Bar. Image description

Stroke Color, Stroke Opacity, Font Color

You can change the x-axis and y-axis Stroke Color, Stroke Opacity, Font Color as shown below. Image description

Tick Text Angle

You can change the Tick Text Angle as required. This option is useful when the tick texts are long and overlapping.

In below example, x-axis Branch names are tilted to 45 degrees. Image description

Custom Sort

By default, the axes values are sorted alphabetically. Use this option, to custom sort the display. For example, to view the vertical bars on x-axis in Branch order of Srilanka, NY, Malaysia, London, Japan, and India, change it using this option.

Provide the sort by values and click on ADD and SAVE. Image description

In the below example, the values are changed as per the order. Image description

Sort Series

Use the Sort By option to select the field by which you want to sort the axes values.

Use the Sort Order option to select either Ascending or Descending order of sort, for the field selected in Sort By.

Click the Image description icon, select Branch, set Sort Order as Descending. Image description For the above example Chart displays data sorted by Branch in Descending Order.

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