Data Table

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Data Table node stores transient data to enable iterations across multiple rows.

Data Table node stores table data mapped from preceding nodes and passes the data to the succeeding nodes row-by-row.

The table has to be defined in the preceding nodes.

In the Forex HyerApp, for the currencies received in an excel, if Exchange Rate needs to be retrieved from finance sites, the data from Excel is passed to Data Table and each row from Data table is iterated and passed to the Web UI node.


All Input/Local variables of Data Table node are displayed under the Variables tab.

Table Definition

All Default and Custom DataTables created in the task are displayed under the Table Definition tab.

Properties of Data Table Node

  1. Navigate to Properties and enter Name and Description.
  2. Enable Mark run Failure on Node Fail and Continue on Failure options as required.

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Result of Execution of Data Table Node

After executing the task, the Result of Execution window displays the following tabs:

  • Input: The input table is displayed.
  • Output: The rows in the input table are displayed as individual iterations.
    Click the Iteration # to see the details of each row.
  • Run Info: The information of the run such as Run ID, Sequence Number, Iteration ID, Iteration Start Time, Iteration End Time, Iteration Time (in seconds), and Total Node Execution Time (in seconds) are displayed.

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