Upload CSV


The Upload CSV node is used to upload and publish the specified CSV file from the local machine to the Dataset. The folder path from which the CSV file is uploaded must be provided in Mapping data screen.

Use Upload CSV node to upload and publish the CSV file for ProductSales data for the month.

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Configurations of Upload CSV Node

  1. Click the Upload CSV node.
  2. Enter the Configuration Name and Cluster in Configurations tab.

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Properties of Upload CSV Node

  1.  Navigate to Properties tab and enter Name and Description.
  2. Enable Mark run Failure on Node Fail and Continue on Failure, options as required.

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Map Inputs to Upload CSV node

You can Map the files to be uploaded to the Upload CSV node:

  1. Click the link connecting the preceding node and Upload CSV node.
  2. Map the folder_path of the files to be uploaded.

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Result of Execution in Upload CSV Node

After executing task, the Result of Execution window is displayed with the following tabs.

  • Output: Execution status of the node is displayed.
  • Run Info: The Run Details, Configuration Details, and Machine Details are displayed.
    • Run Details include Run ID, Sequence Number, Iteration ID, and Total Node Execution Time (in seconds).
    • Configuration Details include Configuration Name, Clusters, and Config Level.
    • Machine Details include ID, Name, Host, Port, Iteration Start Time, Iteration End Time, and Iteration Time (in seconds).

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Use Dataset node in the succeding steps to read data from the uploaded CSV.

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