Tenant Vault


Tenant vault is used to store sensitive information to be provided in the Tenant Admin Settings section.

Add Secure Data

To add secure data, do the following:

  1. Click the Image description icon on the left-hand side menu bar. The Tenant Vault page lists all the existing secure keys created in the tenant. Image description
  2. Click on the + icon.
  3. In the Add Secure Data window, provide the following details:
    • Secure Key: Name of the secure key to be created.
    • CyberArk: If CyberArk settings are enabled for the instance, toggle CyberArk to ON and provide the CyberArk key as the Value.

      To toggle this field ON, ensure that CyberArk is integrated with

    • Value: Value of the key.
    • Confirm Value: Confirm the value of the key.
    • Description: A short description about the key. Image description
  4. Click the SAVE button to save the secure data details.

Edit Secure Data

Click the Image description icon against the secure key to edit it.

Using Tenant Vault Keys

Click the Image description icon and select the required Tenant Vault key. Image description

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