Email Nodes - FAQs


  1. Will the local files be replaced when downloading files from the server if it already exists?
  2. Is search folder in email browser case sensitive?
  3. While using MoveToAction in Email Action node, what happens if the folder selected to move the email is not created before the execution?
    An error is thrown, saying folder not found.
  4. While using Email Actions node, the node fails with an error “UID is not found” though the UID was mapped. Why?
    Ensure that the Type of mapping selected for UID is XPath mapping to avoid this error.
  5. How to set Dynamic input for email subject and email body?
    You can map the Subject, Body variables from any of the preceding nodes to the variables of Email Sender node in the Mapping window. Click here to know more about how to map inputs.
  6. How to send an email with a Hyperlink using HTML Body?
    Use expression mapping to pass Hyperlinks in the email body. Watch the video to know more.
  7. How to email multiple attachments?
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