How to Use Functions


To use a function in a task, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Actions tab, select the relevant option in the first drop-down. The following options are displayed:
    • Node specific functions: Based on the node selected, any of the following function groups are displayed. Select the option that is applicable:
      • Excel Cmd
      • Document Command
      • G-Docs Functions
      • G-Drive Functions
      • G-Sheet Functions
      • AWS Functions
      • Dropbox Functions
      • JIRA Functions
      • MSVision Functions
      • Salesforce Functions
      • Slack Functions
      • Twilio Functions
    • Custom Commands: To choose from the User Defined functions specific to the selected Node, created in the HyperApp.
    • Call Functions: To choose from the other Functions.
  2. Select the required function from the list in the second drop-down.
  3. In the With Parameters section, specify the input parameters for the function. You can specify Constants or Variables as input parameters.

    Click the Image description icon on the left side of the first drop-down to expand or close the With Parameters section.

  4. If the function has a return value, specify the variable in the third drop-down. Image description
  5. Execute the task.
  6. To check the value of the variable , if the function returns one, navigate to the Step Data tab in the Result of Execution window.
  7. Click the Image description icon to view the Variables. Image description

    The variable can be toggled to OUT and mapped to succeeding node.

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