Overview of Document Table


What is Document Table

Document Table is used to store data that is extracted from documents by the document processing tasks, to be referenced/manipulated in the later stages of the automation process.

In an Invoice Processing HyperApp, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, PO Date, PO Number, Items, Quantity, Unit Price, Tax Amount, Total Amount, Authorized Person Signature, Bank Details are captured and stored in Document table for referencing/manipulating in later steps of the automation process.

Dashboards are built on the Document table to create graphical representation of the data.


Default columns in the Document Table are UUID, Pdf, Filename, Category, Status, Created By, Created Date, Updated By, Updated Date, Approved By, Approved Date, and Execution State.

  • Pdf: The name of the document, which is processed using the Doc reader, is listed.
  • Filename: The name of the document, which is processed using the Doc reader, is listed.
  • Category: Identification of document template. Category can be defined in two ways:
    • Manually set by you: Define a category in the input mapping field of the Doc reader node.
    • Defined by the Doc Reader: Doc Reader assigns a unique category for the Document if it is a new template.

      When a similar document is processed again, ML assigns the same category to the document it had assigned earlier. So, all documents of the similar templates are assigned the same category.
  • Status: The execution status of the document processed is listed.
    • If the document of a new template is processed for the first time, the status will be New Type.
    • If all the fields are captured correctly from the document, the status will be Extracted Successfully.
    • The status will be Manual Intervention for Review when the user skips the document training process. The user clicks the button Manual Review and chooses not to train the ML for the document.
    • The status will be Manual Intervention Validation Failed when the validations for the extracted fields in the Post Processing Task fails.
    • If server related error occurs, the status will be Technical Error.

Field Types

Visual types for the respective columns are selected from the Field Types. To know more about Field Types, click here.

Select Field Types as Table to extract a table within the document.

If the invoice has a table with the list of items and cost, it will be extracted into an inline table.

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