The following functions are available for use in the Google Sheets node:

Functions Description
Append Column Creates a new Google Sheet with the provided name in the drive
Create GSheet Appends the column at the end of the selected worksheet
Create Worksheet Creates a new worksheet in a G-Sheet with the given row-column count
Delete Columns Deletes the columns with the provided index range from the worksheet
Delete Range Deletes the range of cells by shifting the rows or columns in a worksheet
Delete Row Deletes the row with the provided index range from the worksheet
Delete Worksheet Deletes the selected worksheet from the G-Sheet
Find All Values Finds all occurrences of the provied value in a worksheet
Find Value Finds the address of a value in a worksheet
Get All Values Reads all the cell values from a seleted worksheet
Get Cell Value Reads cell value of particular row-column index
Get Col Values Reads the values of a column in a worksheet from provided index
Get Range Values Reads the values of a range in a worksheet from provided index.
Get Row Count Gets the row count of a sheet upto the last filled row
Get Row Values Reads the values of a row in a worksheet from the provided index
Get Worksheets Lists the names of all the worksheets in a given G-Sheet
Import CSV Data Imports the data in the given CSV file to the first worksheet of a G-Sheet and delete all the existing worksheets
Insert Column Inserts an empty column at the given index positions in a worksheet
Insert Row Inserts a row at the provided index range in the worksheet
Rename Worksheet Renames a worksheet in the G-Sheet
Update A Cell Update a value in a particular cell by using row-column index in a given worksheet
Update Cells Updates the specified range of cell(s) with the specified value
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