Overview of Form

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


What is a Form

A form is a user interface to enable human interventions required in automation flows, such as Validations, Approvals, Sanity Checks, etc. The Human action triggers the next step of automation thereby allowing the Bot and human to collaborate seamlessly.

Business users access the forms on presentations to add or edit data and take necessary actions required in the process flow. Access to data is controlled based on the user’s role.

Forms are used to:

  • Design human interventions required in the workflow, such as Validations, Approvals, etc.
  • Trigger the next step of automation based on the human intervention action.
  • Control user access to the data.

How is the Form used

  1. Forms enable human interventions and trigger the next steps of automation based on the actions taken during the human intervention.

    Leave application process in an organization:

    • The Manager approves the request made by the Requestor.
    • Using forms, the approval workflow can be designed.
      • When a user with the Manager Role logs in, the Approve button is displayed for the records that have State as For Approval.
    • When the Manager clicks the Approve button, the leave is approved and a task is triggered to update the leave request in the leave application system. The State of the record is updated to Approved.

  2. Forms are used to restrict access to the data based on the role of the users.

    Leave application process in an organization:

    • A Requester can view and edit the data.
    • A Manager can view the data and approve or reject the requests.

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